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Talk on Feb 21 at Donuts and Disasters: Revisiting the Stormwater Footprint Quiz

Joshua Barbour

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In 2010, under the able leadership of Dr. Emily Zechman Bergman, a team of students and faculty from Civil Engineering, Communication, and Computer Science came together to develop a game to help change how people thought about stormwater management. Most folks think about stormwater management as something that governments do, but the choices of developers and individuals home owners and renters have consequences for how communities manage the stormwater too. Those choices have consequences for flooding and the disasters like hurricanes. The student team won an honorable mention at the Environmental Protection Agency P3 Competition. The team won first place in their category for their poster at the Texas A&M University Undergraduate Student Research Week, and Alyssa Politte won the Texas A&M University Undergraduate Research Scholar 2011 Best Thesis award for her work related to the project.

On Friday, Feb 21st, I gave a talk for the Center for Emergency Informatics at Texas A&M University about my work on this project, and I took the opportunity to explain how it fits into my larger body of work on communication design. I am most excited these days when I think of communication as a site of intervention for making our work together more efficient and equitable.

Meanwhile, the we just finished reviewing the proofs for our article based on the experimental evaluation of the game for Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy. Here it is at their site.

Here are the slides for the talk (PDF), and the Center for Emergency Informatics has made the talk available for viewing too.

Here's a link to the quiz itself.

Many thanks to the team of faculty and students who made this happen! Thanks Dr. Emily Zechman Bergman, Dr. Alex Sprintson, Tommi Jo Scott, Alyssa Politte, Sean Saathoff, Sam Collard, Marcio Giacomoni, Jenna Kromann, Chandana Damodaram, and Avery White.