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Send me a note while you are here, or email me at josh at macromorphic dot com or at barbourjosh at utexas dot edu.

2504A Whitis Ave. (A1105)
Austin, TX 78712
United States


Barbour at the University of Texas at Austin

Thank you for welcoming me to the University of Texas at Austin!

I've created this website to host materials related to my visit. Please contact me if you have any questions (or if I need to post something I haven't). My publications are also available on this site, and I keep a ticker of postings related to my scholarship

Research Talk

Here are the slides for my research talk. I have added a few slides related to the integration of research and teaching near the end of the deck. You can read more about the central research project I discussed in a piece in the Journal of Applied Communication Research. I also talked about the work behind this project at the recent 2014 Aspen Conference, and the JACR paper was written up for the National Communication Association's Communication Currents.

Teaching Demonstration

Here are the slides for my teaching demonstration. The paper in which I describe the project is under review. Let me know if you would like to have a look. Check out the narratives being used by the CDC CGH too

I also discussed an interesting piece in the Journal of Public Relations Research by Josh Boyd. Here's the reference if you are interested. 

Boyd, J.  (2000).  Actional legitimation:  No crisis necessary. Journal of Public Relations Research, 12, 341-353.