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Be Safe Assessment

Evaluating a campus safety campaign

Thank you for your interest in this study. The University of Texas at Austin greatly values your opinions regarding campus safety. Your input can go a long way to making improvements and making everyone safer on campus. This study focuses on the Be Safe campaign. For those unfamiliar with the Be Safe campaign here is a brief description of the campaign: the Be Safe campaign is a campaign that is designed to encourage individuals to engage in behaviors that would make them safer as well as sparking conversations about safety. The campaign can be seen throughout campus with many types of graphics presenting various safety messages. The messages that this study is focused on are walking with someone or a group, monitoring surroundings, and calling 911 whenever an individual feels unsafe or sees something specific.

The creators of this campaign are interested to hear what you think of the campaign. Do you like the campaign? Is it working? What can be changed? Participating in this study allows you to provide your opinions on these and other issues. If you participate, you will be shown a poster from the campaign and asked your thoughts. Your opinions on the poster will be used to help generate potential new messages.

Click here to download a copy of the form describing what participation will involve.