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Communication Assessment


Assessing Internal Organizational Communication in a Healthcare Organization

Thank you for your interest in this research project! 

The purpose of this research is to assess the evolving communication practices of a collaborative, data-intensive, interprofessional, and recently founded academic medical center. The study will consist of (a) interviews with staff of the academic medical center about their day-to-day work and communication with colleagues and (b) observations of staff in the conduct of their work (e.g., meetings, desk work). Informed by grounded practical theory (GPT, Craig & Tracy, 1995; Craig & Tracy, 2014), the goals of the data gathering are to understand (1) the emerging practices and workarounds of staff in doing their work, (2) the problems and dilemmas that these work practices are meant to address, and (3) the logics underlying workers’ efforts to craft communicative solutions. Consistent with GPT and the research team’s previous work in this domain, the project will address these research questions:

RQ1: What are the emerging work practices integral to collaborative, data-intensive, interprofessional medical work?

RQ2: What are the dilemmas in these communicative work practices, what are the techniques employed to manage them, and what situated ideals govern them?

The project will advance our understanding of work practice (Barbour & Gill, 2017; Leonardi, 2015) in highly complex, interdisciplinary, knowledge work settings. At the same time, the project will address fundamental questions about how workers marshal communicative resources to solve problems at work contributing to theory of organizational communication design (Barbour, Gill, & Barge, accepted, in press) while generating practically useful information for the workers and leadership in the site under investigation.

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